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Musée 4

Musée 4 Lavender Purple

Musée 4 Lavender Purple


Weight: 3.6kg
Volume: 45L
Dimensions: H54.5 x W32.5 x D26.8 cm
100% Polycarbonate
5 year warranty



Easily Changeable Wheels,
Showcase Your Unique Style

The new Musée series luggage from OUMOS features a unique design that allows you to easily change the color and pattern of the wheels, showcasing your personal style. Whether you prefer bright colors or unique patterns, OUMOS luggage can meet your needs, giving your travel gear a fresh new look.

Elegance and cleanliness at their peak

The interior lining of the OUMOS suitcase is easily removable and washable, ensuring impeccable cleanliness after every journey. Whether for a business trip or a relaxing getaway, the inside of your suitcase always remains flawless.

Choose OUMOS and discover a new realm of luxury travel. Every detail reflects our unwavering pursuit of quality. Explore our latest collection now and let OUMOS become a hallmark of your refined lifestyle.

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