Warranty Policy

Warranty / Maintenan

OUMOS warrants the luggage in its original packaging sold to you against the defects in material and workmanship within 5 years when the luggage is used normally for its intended purposes (e.g. damage caused by the airline/airport during transit).
General repair and maintenance period is approximately 10-15 working days (excluding holidays). For any maintenance and repair inquiries, please send us a photo of the damage or defect to our email at info@oumos.com. In the event that the parts are out of stock, the repair and maintenance time may be longer than usual. In the unlikely event such as parts are discontinued, we will replace them with other functional parts (which has the same function with a slightly different aesthetics). All removable parts can be repaired, such as wheels, rod, lock, handle and so on, and the parts will all be covered within the warranty with a standard service fee. The components that are not covered by the warranty includes the luggage case, frame bar, tube, strake, hard-side lining, shoulder strap, key, hanger, interior divider, and other accessories.

Additional Notes

The 5 Year Warranty Does Not Cover The Following :

  • Scratches, dents, or stains that are normal during the handling of luggage and do not impair the functionality of the product
  • Inappropriate use or vandalism, damage resulting from extreme temperatures or chemical agents, counterfeit or non OUMOS brands, non - original refit and repaired goods, or any parts requiring cleaning services.
  • Replacement of any non-defective pieces in the OUMOS luggage system (for example, if you purchase luggage with multiple components and only one component is defective, then we will only replace the defective component).

Repair & maintenance process: please contact us by E-MAIL (details below), and we will confirm the details of the lead time, repair procedure, and required fee. If you agree, you may send in the luggage to our specified address at your own expense. Please be sure to remove any of your personal belongings from the luggage. We will keep the repaired luggage at our warehouse for up to 3 months, if the luggage is not claimed within this period, we reserve the right to dispose the luggage.

For any inquires related to repair & maintenance, email our customer service team at info@oumos.com and be sure to include the following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • Area that requires repair or maintenance
  • A photo of the damage/defect (mandatory for luggage with purchase date 3 years or older)

My luggage is damaged during transit at the airport – what shold I do?

Once you arrive at your destination, please be sure to check your checked-in luggage to ensure there are no damages before existing the security check point. If there are any damages occurred during transit, please do contact your local airline officials immediately. If you only discover the damages after leaving the security point, please call your local airline customer service immediately to claim the damage as it may be covered under the airline insurance. If your luggage was handled by non-airline officials, please be sure to check your luggage and your personal belongings immediately to ensure the safety of your valuables.

Clean & Care

How Should I Care For My Luggage?

OUMOS luggage case is made of Germany’s Bayer 100% original Makrolon polycarbonate. Any Scratches, dents, or stains occurred are normal results of luggage handling.

How Should I Clean My Luggage?

It is recommended to use mild soap and warm water to clean after use. Please do not use other detergents, especially with erosion material cleaning agents and disinfectants, such as acetone nail polish, nail polish remover, ammonia (ammonia), benzene, chloroform, phenol, to avoid causing any damage to the surface of the luggage.

How Should I Remove Stickers and Labels On My Luggage?

Please remove the sticker with gentle soapy water, or you may remove the adhesive residue or other stubborn stains with diluted alcohol or isopropyl alcohol purchased from any drugstore.


How Will My Order Be Delivered?

Our designated logistics company will deliver your order to the shipping address specified during time of purchase.

How Long Is The Delivery Time?

We typically ship out all orders within 2 business days. Under normal circumstances, you can receive your order within 3-5 business days.

The following conditions may result in a delay in our delivery:

1. The information of the delivery place is incomplete; the delivery place is changed or the consignee cannot receive the goods.
2. Natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, construction, or holidays If you did not receive your order within the specified time frame, please contact us at info@oumos.com, we will reply as soon as possible.

Return Policy

What should I do if I received a defected luggage?

We perform a strict line of tests and quality checks before sending every luggage out to our customers. Once you receive the product, please be sure to do a complete check on the product to ensure it is defect-free. If there are any defects, please contact our Customer Service team at info@oumos.com to exchange your product within the 7 days exchange and refund period. For any requests raised after the 7 day exchange and refund period, we will proceed to repair the luggage following the standard warranty procedure. We will only offer exchanges for manufacturing defects. We cannot accept any refunds or exchange for any defects or damages occurred due to improper use of the luggage. For any exchanges, please send back the original luggage, accessories, gift with purchase, and the warranty certificate.

Please complete the following information when raising a exchange or refund request:

① Purchase platform and order number
② Description of defects along with a photo
③ Name
④ Telephone number
⑤ Email
⑥ Delivery Address
⑦ An time slot for pick-up and delivery

Please send in the above information to our customer service mailbox info@oumos.com

Can I Return or Exchange My Order?

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a 7-day exchange or refund period. We are able to accept any exchange or refund provided that the product has not been used and is in its original saleable condition. For any exchanges or refunds, please send back the luggage in its original package, including any accessories, gift with purchase, and the warranty certificate.

1. Purchase information
2. Please send in the above information to our customer service mailbox info@oumos.com

Other Inquiries

How accurate are the colors seen on your website?

Please note that there may be some color variation depending on the device on which you are viewing the product images on.

OUMOS Luggage Quality Tests

All of our luggage have undergone numerous tests such as falling, loading, walking, cold and heat resistant and telescopic drawbar functions.